Chicago, Illinois Injury Lawyers Reach Cook County Car Accident Settlement

In Chicago, Illinois, auto accident attorneys from David Abels & Associates, P.C. have reached a car crash settlement for a local resident. He was involved in an accident at the intersection of Central and Augusta in Chicago and went to UIC Medical Center for back injuries. Liability was very contested in the case. It was a “he said, she said” red light case. Both parties claimed they had a green light. To further complicate the case, the Chicago Police Department interviewed 2 witnesses at the accident scene. One witness sided with the plaintiff, while the other sided with the defendant. The case settled for $10,000 the day before trial. The defendant was insured by United Automobile Insurance Company.

Workers’ compensation lawyers from our firm had previously settled a work injury case for the plaintiff based on the same accident. Our client was on the job at the time of the crash. We were able to convince the work comp insurance carrier to reduce their lien by approximately 80% to enable the settlement. (We were only entitled to a 25% comp lien reduction by law).

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