Chicago Chain Reaction Crash Leaves 4 Injured

In crowded areas or on streets with a lot of traffic, an accident is likely to turn into a chain reaction, involving multiple vehicles and often, multiple, separate impacts that all result from a common trigger. In many cases, the vehicles involved in an accident can spin out or their drivers can lose control, leading those initial vehicles to strike others, causing additional impacts that may lead to even more. When this happens, officials use the term chain reaction accident, and unfortunately in Chicago, they are relatively common.

Once the dust settles and all vehicles come to a stop, it can be difficult to determine which vehicles initiated a chain reaction and whether any of the drivers involved were acting negligently or recklessly. Investigators and police officers are tasked with the job of sorting out the wreckage and determining what happened immediately before the crash as well as determining whether any drivers should be ticketed. But when one person involved in a chain reaction accident is injured, they may be entitled to a different form of relief for their damages. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer can help those victims learn whether they are entitled to payment for their injuries to cover expenses like medical bills and lost wages as well as providing relief for non-economic damages like pain and suffering. These claims are separate from any charges brought by the State of Illinois and can be available to accident victims even if no driver involved in the crash received a citation.

Shortly after 11:00 p.m. last night, police in Chicago were notified of a multi-vehicle accident. When they responded to the scene, they determined that the crash likely began when an older model conversion van ran a red light on southbound Clark Street. The van reportedly collided with a cab in the area that had a green light and was traveling eastbound, and the force of the impact forced the cab to strike a parked SUV. The SUV then collided with another four parked cars before all vehicles came to a stop.

Police reported that the driver of the SUV fled the scene on foot before officers could arrive. They are still looking for the driver at this time and are still investigating the crash to determine if the van ran a red light, and if so, why. The driver of the cab and three passengers inside the van all suffered injuries and were taken to area hospitals for treatment. Their current conditions remain unknown.

The majority of car accidents in Chicago occur because one or more driver fails to follow local traffic laws or acts in a negligent manner. When that happens, those who are hurt by the driver’s mistake are entitled to seek relief for their damages, regardless of whether they were in a vehicle hit by the at-fault driver or in the same vehicle as the at-fault driver.

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