Chicago car crash lawyer files lawsuit in Lake County, Illinois

Chicago injury lawyers from Abels & Annes, working with co-counsel from the Elman law group, have filed a lawsuit stemming from an accident that occurred in Waukegan, Illinois in February, 2010. The collision took place in a parking lot on Pioneer Street just after 6 PM in the evening. We represent two passengers that were injured in the accident.

The plaintiffs were sitting in a parked Pontiac Bonneville in the lot. At that time the defendant, who was driving a Toyota Solara, quickly backed out of another spot and struck the vehicle our clients were sitting in.

The Waukegan Police Department responded to the scene of the accident. At that time the defendant admitted that when he was backing out he failed to judge the distance correctly and struck the other vehicle.

The complaint at law was filed in the Circuit Court of Lake County and alleges in part that the defendant was negligent in failing to decrease speed, driving too fast for conditions, failing to keep a proper lookout, and failing to take evasive action when collision was imminent. As a result of the crash both of the plaintiffs were injured.

One of our clients sustained neck and left shoulder injuries, and back pain. She was seen shortly after the accident at the Vista Medical Center West emergency room. she also went through follow-up care with an orthopedic physician in Waukegan.

The other plaintiff sustained low back and neck injuries. He was also seen in the emergency room and underwent further treatment with a local physician. The client was prescribed course of physical therapy which he underwent for around a month.

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