Chicago Bike Rider Struck And Injured By Opening Car Door

In Chicago, Illinois as spring weather arrives, more and more bicycle riders are on the street. It is only the end of March and injury lawyers at Abels & Annes are working on their first bike vs. car accident case of the season.

A North Side resident was injured last weekend when he was struck by an opening car door. He was riding southbound on Southport Avenue just north of Addison Street in a marked and designated bicycle lane. As he was passing a parked car on the west side of the street, the driver swung the vehicle door open into the bike lane causing the plaintiff to flip over it and land on his back.

The bike rider immediately had severe shoulder and neck pain. An ambulance transported him to Thorek Hospital on Irving Park Road in Chicago. At the ER he was diagnosed with a separated shoulder.

As of today, the plaintiff is having shoulder pain and swelling, and neck pain. He is going for follow up treatment with a medical doctor in the Chicago area.

Last year in Chicago our law firm saw a dramatic increase in bike accident injuries (pedestrian accidents seem to be on the rise as well).

While the bicyclist in this case could not have avoided the accident, here are a few safety tips offered by the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office:

1. Only one person should ride on a bike;

2. If riding with a group on the street, ride in single file and not next to each other;

3. Try to avoid riding at night;

4. Rid your bicycle as close as possible to the right hand side of the road;

5. Keep both hands on your handlebars;

6. Know the rules of the road, as bicycle riders have the same responsibilities on the road as motor vehicle drivers;

7. Always where a helmet; and

8. Make sure your bike is in good operating condition before riding.

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