Chicago Bike Rider Hit By Taxi Wakes From Coma

In Chicago, Illinois a bicycle rider that was hit by a cab near Grant Park opened his eyes today as his family looked on at Northwestern Hospital. The bike vs. taxi accident happened at the intersection of Balbo & Columbus just after 10 pm on Tuesday night.

A witness to the accident states that the collision occurred when a speeding cab ran a red light. The witness says the victim was eastbound on Balbo and had almost made it across Columbus when he was hit. He also states that the taxicab was going at least 10 mph over the posted limit.

The bicyclist was critically injured and taken by ambulance to Northwestern. He suffered a subdural hematoma, and surgeons had to remove a large piece of his skull to relieve the swelling. The bone is frozen at the hospital will be reinserted at a later date.

The family of the victim has retained Abels & Annes to pursue a civil claim against the at fault driver and the taxicab company.

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