Chicago bicycle accident lawyer to represent local resident

Illinois bike accident attorneys at Abels and Annes have signed on to represent a Chicago woman who was recently injured on the North Side. The collision occurred as our client was riding her bike in a Northwest direction on Milwaukee Avenue in a designated bicycle lane. At that time the driver of a Cadillac Deville made a right turn onto Milwaukee Avenue, failed to observe the plaintiff, and struck her.

The Chicago Police Department responded to the accident scene. After interviewing the parties, they placed the Cadillac driver at fault for the accident.

Our client sustained injuries to her face, right arm and right ankle. After the accident she was taken to St. Mary and Elizabeth Hospital’s emergency room for treatment. In the days following the accident, her pain did not resolve on its own and she has since sought treatment with an orthopedic physician in Chicago.

Chicago drivers need to remember that bicyclists are still on the road in the winter months. More people than ever are using bikes for transportation all year round, and not just in the warmer weather. Motorists have to keep a lookout for them on the road and use caution.

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