Chicago accident attorney settles Illinois slip and fall case for $130,000

Chicago premises liability lawyers from Abels & Annes have settled a claim for a Lake County, Illinois resident that arose from a slip & fall on ice that occurred on February 12, 2009 at Citgo gas station and car wash.

Our client went there for a car wash and afterwords he pulled his car out and away from the wash. He put his car in park and exited the car to fix an exterior mirror that had been pushed in by the car wash.

As he exited his vehicle, he slipped on a sheet of ice with his first step out of his car. Once outside his vehicle he could see that water leaking from the car wash had resulted in a sheet of ice that caused him to fall. There were no barricades or warnings of any kind to alert customers of the dangerous condition created by your insured.

Immediately upon falling the plaintiff had an onset of severe hip pain. He was unable to get up on his own and was assisted by another patron. An ambulance was called and he was transported to Lake Forest Hospital‘s Emergency Department.

Upon arrival at the Emergency Department he complained of excruciating right hip pain. A history was taken, he was examined and diagnostic tests were performed. He was diagnosed with a comminuted displaced right intertrochanteric hip fracture requiring surgery.

The client was admitted to the hospital and surgery was scheduled for the next day. The surgical procedure was a closed reduction of the right intertrochanteric/subtrochanteric femur fracture with open internal fixation using synthes trochanteric fixation nail system. This resulted in the implantation of substantial surgical metal, including guide pins, fixation nail and screws.

Following his surgery he was evaluated for physical therapy and begun on a course of therapy to work towards healing. Upon discharge he was transferred to Manor Care nursing facility for continuing physical therapy and pain control.

After his discharge from Manor Care he received physical therapy at home and continued to follow up with his surgeon. Additionally, due to his injuries he was unable to drive following the incident. He was only release to drive after April 27, 2009.

Indiana Insurance insured the gas station and paid on the claim. The case settled pre-litigation and the client was saved the expense of a lawsuit.

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