CDOT Still Working to Achieve Goals to Reduce Risks of Bicycle Accidents in Chicago

Even in the middle of winter, Chicago accident attorneys at Abels & Annes receive phone calls about collisions involving bicyclists. More and more area residents are riding bicycles, and motorists often fail to keep a proper lookout for them. Just this morning I was behind a vehicle in traffic that changed lanes without looking, cutting off the path of the bicyclist. If not for a quick turn by the bike rider, there could have been a serious collision.

The City of Chicago continues to try to prevent these accidents. In a recent announcement, the Chicago Department of Transportation notified residents that the Chicago Bicycle Program installed and painted new stripes on nearly 40 miles of on-street bicycle facilities in the city in 2011. This is a giant victory for the city, and for bicyclists, considering only about 10 miles of lanes were completed in 2010.

The Chicago Bike Program continues to work diligently to make our city safer for bicyclists and to reduce the risks of bicycle accidents in Chicago. If you remember, Mayor Emanuel made a promise as he took office to complete 100 miles of safe bike routes to help increase safety in Chicago. He’s still carrying out that plan and bicyclists across the city thank him!”Mayor Emanuel’s commitment to making Chicago a pioneer in bikeway design and implementation has fueled these remarkable achievements,” said Commissioner Gabe Klein Chicago Department of Transportation.

We also have to recognize that the fight against these types of accidents is far from over. But the City does seem to be making progress. In 2011, CDOT was able complete installation and restriping of more about 40 miles of on-street bicycle areas through more than 50 different safety projects in more than 30 wards in the city. Now that we’re in 2012, the city is striving for even bigger accomplishments.

Chicago Bicycling Safety Achievements in 2011:

-More than 15 miles of brand new bicycle lanes.

-Nearly 10 miles of restriping.

-Nearly 10 miles of newly-marked shared lanes.

-About 2 miles of protected bicycle lanes.

-A new mile of buffered bicycle lanes.

-One mile of restriped shared bicycle lanes.

There were a lot of firsts for the Bike Program in 2011, too. These firsts included the first bicycle-friendly intersection designs, the first bike boxes, the first buffered bicycle lane and the first protected bicycle lane. The Department was also able to install the city’s very first on-street bicycle parking corral. This is the corral in Wicker Park.

Some of the most important achievements in 2011 included the completion of Kinzie Street, 18th Street and Jackson Boulevard bikeway infrastructure projects.

On the Kinzie Street infrastructure, bicycle riding has increased because riders reportedly feel safer along this roadway now. What counts as a double win is the fact that this new design hasn’t hindered vehicular travel.

Mayor Emanuel is still committed to fulfilling his promise of installing 100 miles of protected bike lanes during his term as the city’s mayor. To make it better, plans for 2012 have already begun.

2012 Safe Biking Plans:

-Install protected bike lanes along Elston Avenue.

-Install protected bike lanes along the west side boulevards.

-New bikeways within a half a mile of every Chicago resident by 2015.

If you or someone who is close to you has been injured or killed in a bicycling accident, contact the Chicago personal injury attorneys at Abels & Annes for a free and confidential appointment to discuss your rights. Call (866) 99-ABELS. There is no fee unless you win.

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