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Car Accident Attorneys Reach $31,000 Settlement on UM Claim

For the second time in the past week the personal injury lawyers at Abels & Annes have settled an uninsured motorist claim for one of their clients. This time for a North Side woman who was injured at the top of Lake Shore Drive.

The crash took place on March 22, 2013 at approximately 9:00 a.m. There was plenty of light, the road was straight and flat and visibility was good.

Our client was driving eastbound in the far right lane of Hollywood where Hollywood becomes Lake Shore Drive. The defendant, an uninsured driver was traveling southbound on Sheridan Rd. and attempted to make a left turn onto Hollywood/Lake Shore Drive.

The uninsured driver drove through orange cones marking the lanes in the roadway and struck the vehicle next to the plaintiff in the left lane of eastbound Hollywood/Lake Shore Drive. The force of this impact pushed that vehicle into her vehicle. The force of this car crash pushed her vehicle off of the roadway onto the sidewalk area.

The impact of the uninsured motorist’s vehicle was heavy and caused the plaintiff’s vehicle to be pushed off of the roadway. She had immediate complaints of neck pain, back pain and left arm and shoulder pain and tingling. An ambulance was called and she was transported to Weiss Memorial Hospital.



At Weiss Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Department a history was taken, she was examined and diagnostic tests were performed. She complained of neck pain, back pain and left arm and shoulder pain and tingling. A cervical CT showed a disk injury at C6-7 and a suggestion of muscle spasm with evident straightening of the normal lordotic curve. Pain medication was prescribed and Susie was instructed to seek follow up medical treatment.

Over the next few days our client’s pain and discomfort worsened. She sought follow up treatment at Swedish Covenant Hospital’s Emergency Department with complaints of back pain and severe neck pain causing headaches and vomiting. Again, a history was taken, she was examined and diagnostic tests were performed. She was prescribed pain medication, muscles relaxants and instructed to seek follow up medical care.

The plaintiff first saw an orthopedic specialist on April 2, 2013 with complaints of neck pain, back pain and left arm pain and tingling. The doctor ordered an MRI which revealed a disc herniation at C6-7. Based upon these findings he prescribed a course of physical therapy.

She underwent the prescribed course of physical therapy over the next few months while continuing to follow up with her Ortho. On June 24, 2013 the doctor released her with instructions to follow up on an as needed basis.

The case was resolved without having to go through arbitration or mediation.

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