Cab Driver Injured by Passenger Who Threw Bleach in Driver’s Face

Authorities recently charged an 18-year-old man with aggravated battery of a taxi driver, criminal damage to property, and theft of labor in an incident in the South Shore neighborhood. The teen has been arrested and is in jail in lieu of a $125,000 bond.

Police say that the teen hired a cab driver from an Elgin-based company to take the man to his South Shore neighborhood. It is not clear exactly where the teen was picked up but officials believe it was approximately 55 miles away from the South Shore and could have been in Carpentersville. The driver of the cab took the teen’s id as collateral for the long ride and proceeded to take the man to his neighborhood.

However, when the cab driver got to the designated drop off point, the teen refused to pay the $175 bill for the services. Instead, according to police, the teen pulled out a container of bleach and threw the bleach in the eyes and face of the driver. The driver experienced a burning and painful sensation to his eyes and skin and it is not yet known if he sustained any permanent damage.

Incidents like this are not only criminal but very dangerous to taxi drivers. When a passenger threatens a driver, the driver is often unable to remove himself from the threat, being unable to flee from his cab. This means that too often, the driver becomes a crime victim, either of a robbery or a battery, like occurred in this case.

Not only did this driver suffer injuries but his cab was damaged and he did not receive payment for the fare he lawfully deserved. Illinois law allows workers who get hurt on the job to bring claims for their injuries and any lost wages they are unable to earn. The law requires employers to pay for medical bills, including those for surgery or rehabilitation, and to enable employees to get the care they need.

If you have been hurt while on the job, you should realize that the law affords you with certain protections, including the right to get the medical treatment you need. Too often, insurance companies are unwilling to acknowledge a valid claim and can make it impossible for a worker to get needed help. With a Chicago personal injury attorney on the side of an injured worker, the playing field gets leveled and the attorney can help fight for the victim’s rights.

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