Bizarre & deadly Illinois car crash – vehicle hits home, resident killed, marijuana operation discovered

An odd Chicago area auto accident has occurred in unincorporated Will County, according to the Chicago Tribune. On Saturday, a Lockport area home was struck by a neighbor’s vehicle, resulting in the death of a resident who was home at the time of the accident.

The victim, a 28-year-old man who lives in the 400 block of Conner Street, was trapped under the vehicle after it drove through the front of the house and finally stopped at the back of the house. The vehicle’s driver, a 63-year-old woman who resides across the road, was trying to back her 1995 Mercury Marquis down her driveway around 12:15 PM. At that time, she claims that her gas petal became stuck, which in turn caused her to reverse that a high rate of speed across the street and crash into the house. Neither the driver or passenger were seriously injured.

The victim was reportedly in the front part of the house when the accident occurred and was found under the automobile when emergency crews arrived after receiving a 911 call a couple minutes later.

While this type of fatal accident is somewhat rare, here is where the story takes a strange turn. As emergency personnel workers were searching the home to see if anyone else was there who might have been hurt, they broke down a locked door. On the other side of the door they found approximately 30 marijuana plants, each about 3 feet in height. There was also indoor grow lights and a watering system, according to the Will County Sheriff’s Department, who is the authority handling the crash investigation.

The house is reportedly owned by a relative of the victim’s roommate. No charges have been filed yet in relation to the accident or the marijuana plants. The Sheriff’s investigation is still ongoing, and a decision on criminal charges will reportedly be made over the next few days.

Police have not been able to remove the car from the home, as there was a concern that the house could collapse the automobile is moved.

After the accident, the driver was taken Silver Cross Hospital as a precaution. There was no indication as to whether alcohol or drugs played a role.

As far as a civil claim is concerned,it has not been reported if a Chicago pedestrian accident attorney is involved in the case yet or if a civil lawsuit has been filed.

Even though the facts in this case are uncommon, it is not that unusual for a vehicle to strike a building in the Chicago area, causing injury to people inside. Our office was recently involved in a settlement where an elderly driver drove into a downtown eatery, striking several people having lunch inside. Another restaurant (that I eat lunch at often) has been on the wrong end of taxicab accidents on three separate occasions over the past few years.

In case like the one reported in the news above, the victim’s family will be able to pursue a wrongful death claim against a negligent driver. If the motorist happens to have no insurance, the family can pursue an uninsured motorist claim against the victim’s own auto policy.

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