Batavia Township Crash Leaves Bicyclist Dead

A 50-year-old bicyclist was killed in an accident on Thursday afternoon when he was hit by a car. Police have stated that the man was riding north on Nelson Lake Road in Batavia Township when a Nissan Rouge struck the rear tire of the bike, throwing the victim to the ground.

Reports indicate that the bicyclist was riding within the lane of traffic used by northbound drivers. Several drivers in a line passed the bicyclists on the left but when the Nissan approached, the 26-year-old driver did not swerve to avoid the cyclist. She continued straight and struck the bike, causing the collision.

The area where the crash occurred has one lane of traffic going in each direction. Bicyclists are permitted to ride with traffic and to occupy a lane of the road with drivers being required to share the lane. If a driver wants to pass a bicyclist, the same rules apply that would apply in the case of passing a car. It must be clear and safe to do so before the driver attempts the pass.

After the crash, the bicyclist was transported to Mercy Center Hospital in Aurora where he was later pronounced dead. The driver of the Nissan was not injured in the crash and reportedly did not seek medical treatment. She was cited by the responding officer for failing to reduce her speed to avoid a collision. Police are still investigating the incident and more charges could result depending on what is learned.

It is not yet clear why the driver of the Nissan struck the bicyclist but police are investigating to determine if alcohol, drugs, or texting were involved. In many accidents between drivers and bicycles, the driver claims that they never saw the bike until the collision. Since witnesses in this case have said that the Nissan was in a line of cars that passed the bike, it is likely that the driver noticed the cars in front of her moving towards the left to pass the bike. Despite the fact that cars were all moving to avoid something, this driver appears to have not acted cautiously or even slowed her vehicle in response to a potential object to avoid. As a result, a 50-year-old man lost his life.

Tragic crashes like these occur often in Illinois and take a loved one away from his family. When an accident claims the life of a bicyclist, his surviving family members can bring a claim for the loss of the victim’s life, including the loss of companionship they suffer and lost wages the victim would have earned throughout his lifetime.



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