Actress Amanda Bynes Arrested Again for DUI

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (“MADD”), the average drunk driver has driven drunk 80 times before being arrested for an initial charge of driving under the influence, driving while impaired, or other alcohol-related charge. Every day in America, 28 people die as a result of drunk driving accidents, a statistic that is all the more tragic when you realize that drunk driving accidents are entirely preventable and, unlike some weather-related crashes, need never happen.

Too often, it is innocent victims who are forced to suffer at the hands of a drunk driver because the drunk driver places not only his or her safety at risk, but the safety of all those on the road when driving impaired. In Chicago, drunk driving is a crime and can lead to significant punishments including fines and fees, loss of a driver’s license, and incarceration. In the event that a drunk driver causes a collision, the punishments are often more severe.

But the legal implications do not end with criminal charges. Victims of a drunk driving collision may be entitled to seek financial compensation for their damages, including their medical expenses, if they have suffered in an accident. Consulting with a personal injury lawyer in the Chicago area may help you put your accident into picture and explain your legal rights.

Actress Amanda Bynes has been no stranger to the legal systems of the United States in recent years. Known primarily for her work as a child actor and for roles as a young adult, the 28-year-old actress reportedly was arrested for driving under the influence early Sunday morning and now faces at least one misdemeanor count.

Authorities have not revealed which substance Bynes was allegedly under the influence of at the time but have confirmed that chemical tests support the accusation.

A police officer in Sherman Oaks reportedly noticed Bynes operating her vehicle westbound on Riverside Drive around 3:00 a.m. Bynes approached a red light in the area and allegedly brought her vehicle to a stop in the middle of the intersection instead of prior to where the intersection began, tipping off the officer that something may be amiss with the driver. Bynes was stopped where the responding officer suspected intoxication and put Bynes through multiple field sobriety tests, which allegedly she failed. At that time, Bynes was arrested and booked into a local jail. She was released later that day after posting a $15,000 bail.

At the time of her arrest on Sunday, Bynes was on probation from a February sentencing dealing with a 2012 arrest for DUI. Bynes publicly entered rehabilitation back in July of 2013 after setting a small fire at the home of her parents, where she remained until December of that year.



In the present incident, officers were able to apprehend a suspected impaired driver before an accident occurred, preventing injuries that may have resulted if the motorist continued operating. In Chicago, that is not always the case as thousands of drunk driving collisions take place annually.

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