Accidents involving High Profile Vehicles in Heavy Wind



If you live in Chicago, you understand that the weather can vary drastically from one day to another. Regardless of the season, the weather can turn from pleasant to threatening in a matter of hours. While poor weather may be inconvenient for pedestrians, it can be hazardous to safety as well, particularly to drivers and others in vehicles. Snow, sleet, and ice are known dangerous among those who drive in Illinois but high wind can be just as problematic.Wind can cause a vehicle of any size to list or tilt when the wind sweeps from side to side across a roadway. While small vehicles like compact cars may be able to withstand this force, vehicles with higher sides and raised centers of gravity may not fare as well. Significant winds have been known to contribute to collisions and rollover accidents, and in particular, truck accidents in the greater Chicago area.

While drivers cannot control the weather conditions that they face, they can take steps to increase safety when presented with windy weather. These steps may help motorists in any sized vehicles avoid a crash and any injuries that could result from a collision. Keep the following in mind while in windy weather:

If possible, wait to drive: When winds are at their worst, it is not worth the risk to drive. If you can avoid it and do not have to be on the roads, consider waiting until the most serious weather passes before you drive.

Slow down: Increased speed means that a diver is more likely to lose control of a vehicle during heavy wind gusts. Slowing down in response to threatening weather can help drivers steer and maintain their position within a lane.

Increase your distance from other vehicles: All vehicles on the road are affected by the weather. This means that even if you are driving safely and taking every possible precaution, the motorists around you may not be and may be in danger of causing a collision. A car that tips over or weaves in and out of lanes can easily crash into other cars, so motorists should be aware of other vehicles and leave extra space when possible.

Weather is a significant contributor to thousands of accidents in Illinois every year, but generally, the weather combines with actions taken by a driver to cause the crash. It is less common for weather alone to be the sole cause of a collision.

A driver whose negligence causes an accident may be held financially liable for the damages that result, including injuries, medical expenses, and lost wages that may be incurred. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer who handles traffic accidents may help you understand if you are entitled to relief.

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