811 Traffic Accidents Happened Every Day in Illinois in 2014

All kinds of accidents happen in the United States every year. If you drive in Illinois or if you happen to use public sidewalks, crosswalks, or areas near roadways, you face the risk of being involved in a car accident or other traffic incident with little or no warning. Some collisions are due to a driver’s lack of attention while others may be blamed on alcohol or drugs. In reality, thousands of factors can lead to and even cause a collision between one or more parties.

Chicago sees more than its fair share of traffic incidents every year. In 2014, the Illinois Department of Transportation noted that 143,943 accidents happened in Cook County, the majority of which happened within or immediately around Chicago’s city limits. Among those collisions, 27,075 caused injuries and 211 proved to be fatal, changing the lives of those involved and their loved ones forever.

Across the state that year, 296,049 collisions occurred which averages out to 811 traffic accidents every single day.

A mix of people find themselves involved in collisions in Illinois. Some happen to be innocent victims who are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Others are passengers in a vehicle with a driver who erred. Some are the drivers who have made a minor mistake while others are drivers who have acted in a reckless or negligent manner, putting things before the safety of others.

Accidents may happen but the victims of these incidents are not out of luck if they are hurt. Rather, those who are injured may be entitled to financial compensation for their damages through a personal injury claim. Working with a personal injury attorney can help ensure that your interests are represented whether you are facing an insurance company, an at-fault driver, a corporation, or even a municipality.

Personal injury claims are separate from any traffic or criminal charges that may be issued by local authorities and can be available even if no such charges were brought. A personal injury claim proceeds as a civil claim under the law and is designed to help a victim and that victim’s family recover for their monetary damages, like medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and the loss of a normal life.

The time you have to bring a claim depends on who is involved in a crash. In the event that a child or minor is injured in a crash, that individual may have a greater length to bring his or her claim as the time limit may not begin to run until the child turns 18 years old. However, regardless of your situation, it is wise to act in a timely manner so that you can guarantee that you are protected under the laws of Illinois.

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