45 Vehicle Pileup on I-294 Injures at least 8 People

The roads were far from ideal when many Chicago residents began their morning commutes yesterday and as a result, numerous car accidents happened across the city. Many were minor and fortunately did not cause injuries; however, local officials have confirmed that several were serious and sent the victims involved to area hospitals for treatment.

When a car collision happens and injuries are caused, it can be challenging to know whether the laws in Illinois protect those victims or enable them to seek financial compensation. Generally, the laws are on the side of those who are hurt by the actions of another and the laws enable those individuals to obtain financial payment to cover their losses. The goal of these claims is to place a victim in the financial state they would have been had the collision not happened, and to do this, the laws hold negligent drivers responsible for the damages they cause. If you have questions or if you are looking for more information, you may obtain the guidance you need by speaking with a personal injury lawyer in the Chicago area.

Of all the accidents that happened yesterday, none caused the damage that a massive 45 vehicle pileup on I-294 caused. State police responded to the scene near 95th Street in Hickory Hills yesterday morning shortly after 9:00 a.m. and determined that the incident began when one vehicle struck a trooper’s stopped car. They believe the trooper had stopped on the shoulder of the expressway to respond to a prior crash but for unknown reasons, a vehicle in the area collided with that trooper’s car and caused a chain reaction accident that involved cars, semi-trucks, and vans.

When the dust settled on the collision, the damage spanned nearly 3/4 of a mile and triggered a response from at least a dozen local police agencies. Several other vehicles in the area were stopped due to the blocked lanes of traffic and were able to avoid an impact, leading to inconvenience for these motorists but fortunately no injuries. Unfortunately, at least eight people were not as lucky as they were hurt in the Chicago-area pileup and were transported by ambulances to area hospitals. The nature of those injuries are not clear at this time nor is it known whether anyone will be cited in the crash.



A pileup car accident can be dangerous and deadly for dozens, and in some cases, hundreds of vehicles on a local expressway, and Chicago is no exception to that. With poor winter weather and heavy congestion during morning rush hour, the risks of a crash were high yesterday and some were not lucky enough to avoid damage that results when a collision takes place.

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