Child Dies Following Hotel Swimming Pool Accident

People often think of summertime when they think of swimming in a swimming pool but that is not always the case in Illinois. With hundreds of indoor pools dotting the state, those who call the Chicago area home can swim in any month of the year and at any time.

But summer is the season that experiences the highest number of swimmers in the greater Chicago area. Kids are out of school and have free time for things like swimming. Many of the numerous backyard pools open in the summer months to let people swim, play, and have fun. Taking to the water can be an excellent way to get exercise, cool off, and have a good time with friends and family.

Unfortunately, though, not everyone who enters a swimming pool will have a carefree time. Tragically, swimming pool accidents and drownings happen each and every year in Illinois and many of those incidents affect children of a very young age. Unlike adults, children may not appreciate the dangers posed by water, may not know how to act appropriately when encountering a swimming pool, or may be unable to swim, leading to a treacherous situation when then come across a pool. For these reasons and others, there are strict laws governing both indoor and outdoor swimming pools so that children should not be able to access them unless an adult allows them to do so.

Despite the laws and despite the best efforts of some adults, accidents continue to happen and continue to harm those involved. If your loved one or child has suffered due to an incident in a Chicago-area swimming pool, speaking with a personal injury lawyer may provide you with the information you need to know whether your family has a valid claim, and if so, who may be held legally liable for your damages.

Authorities in Gurnee have confirmed a drowning that happened on Thursday night and that claimed the life of a young child. Officials were alerted to the incident on Thursday, prior to 9:00 p.m., which occurred in an indoor hotel pool on West Grand Avenue. A 3- or 4-year-old girl had been found in the swimming pool and was unresponsive when adults removed her. She received CPR and emergency medical crews transported the child to a nearby hospital but unfortunately, she lost her life in the accident.

Often, the harm that results from a swimming pool accident can never be undone or righted through a legal claim. But a claim can help families and victims obtain financial compensation that will enable them to provide for some of the toll enacted by an incident, including medical expenses. Yet when someone loses their life, no amount of payment can ever be considered adequate.

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