Crane Accidents Cause Injuries in Chicago

Any type of employee can be hurt in a workplace accident in Chicago, but some are more likely than others to suffer from harm. Among them, those who work in construction or near a construction site are particularly likely to be involved in incidents that cause injuries and damages to the workers themselves. Construction zones present a mix of activities and often a fast-paced environment, leading to incidents where mistakes or errors may result. If a worker is operating heavy machinery and uses poor judgment, that worker may injure herself and others on the site and those injuries may have a profound effect on those involved, their loved ones, and their friends.

Under the laws in Illinois, it is the duty of every employer – regardless of what industry is at issue – to provide a safe work environment, or as safe as possible if the job is one with inherent risk. This can mean things like properly training and certifying employees, having safety seminars, following local guidelines and OSHA regulations, and simply making sure that employees are not forced to risk themselves while they work. Failing to do so may make a job site unnecessarily risky and may be against the law.

Equipment is needed at a construction site but it is not without drawbacks. Among construction equipment, cranes and product that is hoisted by cranes tend to be the cause of a substantial number of work injuries and accidents. The purpose of a crane is to move something either up, down, or horizontally so that the object can be used in another location. Construction work makes heavy use of cranes as they are ideal for upward building and renovating, including that which happens in much of Chicago due to the city’s high property prices. If you need to build upwards, a crane can be an invaluable piece of machinery as it can move loads that humans cannot due to size, weight, and location issues.

However, the nature of a crane means that a load will be moving through the air, often at a relatively quick pace. This has led to several incidents in Illinois where a worker on the ground has been struck by swinging product and has been injured as a result. In other cases, a crane has collided with a worker while the cab of the crane was moving from one location to another, leading to something similar to a pedestrian versus car crash. Not long ago, a very serious accident happened in Chicago where a crane fell over, injuring several and threatening the safety of many others.

Construction workers and victims of crane accidents may not realize what legal protections are in place for them or may even believe that they are not able to seek help. However, that is often untrue as the laws in Illinois are designed to protect victims through several types of claims, including a worker’s compensation claim. Further, it is the right of a victim to retain a lawyer of his choosing so that an employer or insurance company cannot take advantage of a worker or ignore that worker’s rights.

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