Cancer Risks from Lumber Liquidators Floors are Higher than Previously Thought

Concern has been expressed by many homeowners following new information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which casts doubt about the safety of some flooring material.

The federal government began looking into Lumber Liquidators recently with regard to the amount of formaldehyde used in some of its laminate flooring and with the help of the CDC, has expressed concern.

The public first got widespread accounts of potential issues with Lumber Liquidators flooring back in March of 2015, when the news program 60 Minutes aired a special on the company. Through its investigation, 60 Minutes determined that much of the laminate flooring material sold by Lumber Liquidators was produced in China and that it allegedly failed to meet health and safety standards in California, the state with the strictest standards in the nation. Based on testing done in an independent lab on some of the flooring, the product that was produced in China failed to meet formaldehyde emission standards – in some cases by a large margin. Similar products that were produced in the United States did not have the same emission standards, nor did some products that were sold by major retailers.

Following the report by 60 Minutes, tests and an investigation began by the federal government which revealed similar findings. Recent tests showed that the level of formaldehyde was three times greater than what was previously disclosed and what is now believed to have been based on faulty data. With this new information related to formaldehyde emissions, the CDC estimates that cancerous tumors will occur in six to 30 cases per 100,000 people who are exposed to these floors which is a much more startling impact than was previously stated.

Formaldehyde is commonly used in many household products but when used in large concentrations, it presents serious adverse health risks including cancer, benign tumors, chronic respiratory irritation, asthma, and changes in lung function.

Estimates suggest that hundreds of thousands of households could be affected across the nation, and even more people may be exposed to excessive formaldehyde emissions through other means, like a contaminated workplaces or even schools.

If you are concerned about possible effects from the flooring in your home, consult with a medical professional to learn whether you or someone in your family is showing symptoms related to emissions. You should also consider having the floors in your house tested for emission levels so you know whether you are safe and to learn whether you should be replacing your flooring with a less harmful material.

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