Snow and Ice Expected for Evening Commute in Chicago

If you are in Chicago today, you will notice the bitterly cold temperatures that greet you the moment you step outdoors. If you were hoping the weather would warm up or even break just a little, you are in for disappointment as this cold wave is expected to last at least through the middle of the week and will take over much of the state. Cold temperatures on their own can be managed by dressing appropriately, limiting your time outdoors, and making sure you have transportation lined up so that you do not have to walk.

However, things are expected to be a little more hazardous tonight as a fresh batch of snow its on its way to Chicago and is expected to strike right around the evening rush hour. The National Weather Service states the storm will not only come to Chicago but that its snow will accumulate on roadways, potentially leading to dangerous conditions for drivers.

This evening, motorists can expect a fresh one to two inches of snow on the roadways with gusting winds that may lead to blowing snow and deeper accumulations in some areas. The bitter cold also means that ice is possible, especially where it has already accumulated or where the snow will be packed by traffic. If you will be driving this afternoon or tonight, you are encouraged to allow yourself extra time to reach your destination as traffic may back up in some spots in and around Chicago.

Make sure you make safety a priority today by considering your actions before you take to the roads and by driving in a reasonable manner for the inclement weather.

Before you begin your drive home tonight, make sure there is plenty of gasoline in your vehicle’s tank. Slow driving conditions may use up more gas than normal and running out of gas can be dangerous with temperatures as low as they are in the city. Further, the extra weight provided by gasoline can give you better control of your vehicle if you come across icy or slippery conditions.

Once you are driving, increase the distance between your car and the vehicles in front of you as the new snow fall will make it more difficult to stop when necessary. This extra distance will limit your odds of causing a rear-end car accident and will prevent you from incurring the fines, fees, and other expenses that may come with a crash. Extra distance can also help with increasing your visibility of your surroundings which can alert you to possible hazards in the roadways earlier than if you were following closely.

Drivers should operate at a lower speed than they normally would tonight as ice and snow may appear on the roadways with little or no warning, making conditions difficult to drive in an increasing the odds for a collision.

Ideally, all motorists on Chicago roadways will drive in a slow and safe manner tonight, avoiding as many accidents as possible. But the reality is that some drivers will ignore the concerns of the public at large and will drive in a manner that suits their needs, risking the safety of others in the process. If you become the victim of a winter weather car accident, know that you may be entitled to seek relief against an at-fault driver or another party so that you can recover from the damages you sustain.

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