2 Killed in Car Crash near I-55

Car accidents in Chicago do not discriminate based on age, gender, or social class. Unfortunately, anyone who rides in a car or uses another form of transportation on or near the roads may be at risk for becoming an injury victim due to an automobile collision. In many cases, there is nothing a victim can do to avoid the crash because the collision is due to an error or negligent action on the part of a driver. When a driver fails to put safety first and a car accident happens, the victims involved in that crash may be entitled to seek financial compensation for their sufferings and may have the right to obtain the relief that can help them move forward.

Most cases brought by injury victims include a claim for any medical expenses that have been incurred since the time of the accident as well as any that are likely to be incurred in the future. Some victims may also have valid claims for the time they missed from work and the money they would otherwise have earned. Yet other victims might be able to recover for the pain and suffering they were forced to endure due to the crash. Just as every car accident is different, the resulting claims may vary based upon the facts and circumstances of any collision. It is important to understand the totality of your rights if you have been injured so you may wish to speak with a personal injury attorney to learn more about your claims.

In the worst accidents, someone loses their life due to the actions of another. Often, these collisions are made even more tragic because the crash need not have happened if those involved put safety first. State Police confirmed that one such tragic crash happened on Saturday afternoon near Bolingbrook and that two people, including a young child, died as a result. The incident began when a vehicle exited I-55 and drove on a frontage road near Route 53. That vehicle allegedly struck a second car in the area for reasons that are not yet clear, and the crash claimed the lives of the 25-year-old female driver of the second car and her 2-year-old son.

Police are still investigating the incident and attempting to determine why the crash occurred and whether either driver erred prior to the impact. They are also reviewing the area generally and other potential issues that may have been relevant to the car accident; at this time, no conclusions have been made.



When someone is killed in a collision, whether that accident happens in Chicago or elsewhere in Illinois, the suffering caused by that crash cannot be measured fully. From the victim’s loss of life to the loss of companionship experience by the victim’s family and friends to the losses that occur in the workplace, these devastating crashes cause suffering that may span decades. Though nothing can bring back these lost loved ones, the surviving family members of those who are killed in car accidents may be entitled to seek financial relief for their damages.

The personal injury attorneys at Abels & Annes, PC. have decades’ worth of experience representing those who have been hurt by the actions of others and we are standing by 24 hours a day to help you as well. Regardless of the nature of the car accident, if you have been injured or if your loved one was hurt or killed, we will offer you a free case consultation without any obligation when you call us toll free at (855) 529-2442 or locally at (312) 924-7575.

The attorneys at Abels & Annes, P.C. share a passion for the representation of those who have been injured and as a result, we never represent insurance companies. When we take a case, we never charge our clients a fee unless we make a recovery on their behalves and we fight for the best possible outcome in each and every case. If an accident has affected your life, do not allow your suffering to continue. Call us today and let us fight for the relief you deserve.
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